Sunday, November 16, 2014

Getting Started

My name is Jeff and I'm going to learn to hunt duck. 

 It sounds pretty simple when I put it like that. Then I think about it and realize that my dad doesn't hunt, I don't have any friends who live near me who hunt, and I don't have much money to spend on hunting to begin with cause I need to buy important things like food and alcohol. 

 First let me be clear: if you know anything about hunting anything you know more about hunting than I do. But as a minor league baseball player you can either hang with the Latinos or the southerners and I don't speak Spanish. Of course I'm no stranger to the southerners cause I went to school in the south so when I got tired of the rich brats at my school I'd go to the local state school to hang with people who actually had fun. So even having grown up in Oregon I feel more at home down South. 

 As for why I don't already hunt my mom has managed what Uncle Sam never could: banned firearms. At least in my household. Apparently she has a deep seated fear stemming from when she was bit in the face by a gun at a young age. Or maybe that was a big dog. Either way I didn't have a gun or a big dog. 

 So now living in Oregon for the off-season far away from anyone I know who could take me hunting I've decided to try and learn on my own. This blog will be my talking all about the stupid shit I do in the process.

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