Saturday, November 29, 2014

I bought a gun.

I've described how it is for me trying to shop for guns. I only have the most general idea what I'm looking for. A lot of the time I'm too ashamed to ask questions I should probably ask, and when I do ask I usually don't understand the answer. That said I'm now the proud owner of a used Benelli Nova that I found at a gun show for $300. I couldn't be happier. Well my fantasy football team still sucks. So I could be a little happier. 

The gun show was about what you'd expect a gun show to look like. 
There's lots of people and lots of guns. Then there's also stuff like this 
Which I'm pretty sure is just to look cool. And this
Which I really hope isn't just there to look cool. 

I was looking for a Winchester 870 or something similar and I had seen a few of them. They ranged from about $280 to $330 depending on which booth I was at until one of the last booths I went to was run by a pawn shop and that's where I saw my Benelli. What did I know about the Benelli Nova? I knew I'd seen it around and that it was a nice enough gun by a respected company for less than I was seeing guns that weren't as good for. 

I did have my suspicions. I know this gun retails new for around $500 so why was it going so cheap? The owner of the Pawn shop told me he makes more money by selling volume than for margin. He's a regular at gun shows in the area and he has a gunsmith on staff so all of his guns are guaranteed to shoot or money back. If you're a novice like me please don't buy a used gun without this type of assurance that it'll shoot. 

I took a look around the rest of the show for anything better but I knew I wasn't going to find it. I came back bought my gun and walked out on cloud 9. I could barely wait to get home to post this picture on my Facebook. 
 Then I was quickly scolded by my friends for having my finger on the trigger when I wasn't planning to shoot. I know I shouldn't have but man was I excited. 

I think my next step is to learn how to maintain my gun but at this point I'm kinda lost on what steps go in what order so whatever comes I guess. 

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